Pair of Silver Candlesticks with Princely Crown
Augsburg 1771-1775
Master: Johann Jacob V Bauer
Provenance: Anneliese and Dr. Wolfgang Schieren

H 17.5 cm
Pair of Silver Candlesticks
Augsburg 1771-1775
Master Johann Jacob V. Bauer
Provenance: Anneliese and Dr. Wolfgang Schieren

H 20.5 cm
Pair of Sauce Boats
Augsburg 1749-51
Master Johann Jacob II Bruglocher
700 gr.
19 x 13 cm
Selection of silver cups
Augsburg and Nuremberg, 17th and early 18th century
Masters include Johann Amende, Abraham Grill, Johann Jakob Petrus, Mattias Gegler, Johann Betz, Christoff Kremer, Johann Phillipp Höfler and Johann Höfler
19th Century Silver Sauciere
Paris circa 1819-1838
Weight: 620 gr.
D: 15,3 cm W: 26 cm H: 25,5 cm
18th Century Chocolatiere
Paris about 1775
massiv Silver
Weight: 1140 gr.
D: 13,5 cm W: 30 cm H: 29,5 cm
Pair of sauce boats, German around 1880
Silver 800
Weight together 630 gr.
Height 14.5, length 17.5
Caviar vessel with sturgeon around 1920,
Silver 925
Height 17.5cm diam. 13.5
Art Deco hammered silver box
1.2 kg silver sterling
H 11cm W 28cm D 17cm
Couple saluting
London 1790, Mm. Henry Chawner
Sterling silver 170 gr
H 6.8cm W 10cm D 6.2cm
800 silver candlestick
with light cleaning scissors and fire extinguishing hat
Bremen 1825/30
Mm: Carl Gerhard Mencke
Height 9cm, width 13.5cm, depth 10.5
Pair of silver baskets, Frankfurt ca. 1820
by Johann Daniel Fester
14 x 27,5 cm
Cutlery for traveling with original case
Augsburg by Johan Esaias Niggus 1775-1777