Table made in Paris for the premiere of Aida in Kairo, around 1868
Provenance: Villa Draneth Pasha, Lago Maggiore
Exhibit in the exhibition Ägyptomanie 1994 / 1995 at the Musee de Louvre Paris, National Gallery of Canada Ottowa, Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien see catalogue page 316
176 x 85 x 105 cm
Escritoire ca. 1825
Probably Berlin or Brandenburg
Birch on conifer wood veneered
100 x 190 cm
Pair of armchairs with rams heads
Baltic states ca. 1810
old unaffected state of preservation
Sideboard by Paolo Buffa Milano ca. 1950
288 x 122 x 67,5cm
Stockholm ca. 1800 by Ephraim Stahl
original surface
Pair of showcases from a museum
Brescia ca. 1910
Iron polished
174,5 x 140 x 50 cm
Pair of stools
South German ca. 1750-60
original condition
Red lacquer chest on original substructure
ISA Bergamo, pair of armchairs 1950
new upholstery
98 x 73 cm
Marble top with Scagliola, Italy, End of 18th cent.
Brass table 1950s, 72 x 50 x 143 cm
Terni desk, designed by Ico Parisi for MIM 1958
walnut, wonderful conservation status
210 x 73 x 90 cm
Commode Münchner Hofwerkstätten
probably Jacob Gerstens ca. 1750
82 x 102 x 54 cm
Rollbureau with finest inlaid work
Bonn ca. 1760/70 by Pentz&Sohn
183 x 177 x 66/33 cm
Transformation escritoire
ca. 1795 by Johann Michael Vetter, Neuwied
Mahagoni on oak veneered
adjustable in the height
104 x 124 x 69 cm
Commode Wien ca 1750
walnut with fruit tree,
old conservation status with original fittings
86 x 69 x 139 cm
Armchair France
so called Chaise Curule ca. 1795
Massive Mahagoni
old conservation status
Red lacquer table with chinoiserie
Venice ca. 1750
81 x 104 x 65cm
Venice ca 1750/60
4 Red lacquer chairs
Console, South German ca. 1750
84 x 87 x 52 cm
Italy ca. 1740/50 beech
French ca. 1790/1800
200 x 65 x 325 cm
Butterfly collection
England ca. 1880
32 drawers 102 x 110 x 48 cm
Pair of Biedermeier commodes ca. 1820 (Sold)
Gun racks
Console Munich Hofwerkstätten ca. 1740/50
Particular console ca. 1800, Sweden with original untouched surface
83 x 74 x 41 cm
Armchair with original surface, Norway early 19. cent.
Music stand Erat, Paris ca. 1810, adjustable in the height
Library, France ca. 1810/1820, Walnut veneered 251 x 230 x 52 cm
Munich console ca. 1810, Cherry tree, original state of preservation 169 x 85 x 46 cm
Iron rocker, London probably John Porter, 1840
Poltrocina, Gondola chair
Venice 18th cent.
Original surface and condition