Reverse Painting on Glass with original Frame
England around 1800 "Dyana”
37 cm x 42 cm
Paul von Meyerheim
*1842 Berlin +1915 Berlin
signed and dated 1898
155 x 110 cm
Nicolaus Berchem(1620-1683) sign.
Campagna landscape with shepherdess
Drawing with brown ink
36x 25cm without frame
Watercolor Aquarelle
around 1830 with view on the Uffizi Gallery Florence
23 x 19 cm
Ink drawing Deposition from the Cross
probably South German 18th century
32cm x 21 cm( sheet size)
Portrait of an boy monogrammed WT
probably Wilhelm Trübner ca. 1910
Reverse glass painting ca. 1800
original frame
55 x 41 cm
Capriccio by Jeremias August Urlaub, born 1784 in Hanau died 1837 in St.Petersburg
original frame, oil on canvas, clockwork
121 x 97 cm
Pair of still lifes by Johann Amandus Wink (1748-1817)
German ca. 1780, Oil on wood
Size without frame: 30 x 24 cm
Ducros, Abraham-Louis-Rodolpho (1748-1810)
Aquarelle, Sibyls Temple ca. 1790
95 x 66 cm
Niki de Saint Phalle
“ My love what are you doing” 60 x 47,5 cm
Helmut Sturm
born 1932 Furth im Wald, died 2008 in Munich
Watercolor on paper, untitled
sign. H. Storm 06
41cm x 28cm without frame
Kitchen interior with Emmaus Meal in the background
Probably South-Tirol, early 17.cent., singed by: PWK, Oil on canvas
Size without frame: 76,5 x 116,5 cm
Plant Still Life
sign. Ludwig Adam Kunz
1857 in Vienna - 1929 in Munich
H 110cm W 115cm

Crucifixion Group around 1765
Johann Baptist Baader
called Lechhansl 1717-1780
with original frame
H 127 cm W 90 cm
Reverse glass painting 18th cent.
St. Petrus
28 x 23 cm

Watercolor, Eberfing near Weilheim
sig. A. Winkler
dated August 6, 1826
25.5cm x 19cm
Pair of flower still lifes
Gouachen ca. 1800 probably Augsburg
Holy Family with Johannes and Katharina
Italy ca. 1540
Artist circle Parmigiano
Former collection of Hans Makart Wien
Size without frame: 48,5 x 39 cm
Oil study by Josef Wenglein
singed and dated 1870
23,5 x 29,5 cm
Ducros, Abraham-Louis.Rodolphe ca. 1780, aquarelle, "Vue de l´intérieur du Colisée"
52 x 74 cm
Verre églomisé picture "Dancing Bear"
Italy, End of the 18th cent.
29 x 36 cm
3 verre églomisé picture "Joseph legend"
Italy 18th cent.
55 x 46,5 cm with frame
Herbert Rolf Schlegel
Ammer at the Ammersee by Diessen
100 x 90 cm
Paestum, Italy, beginning of the 19th cent.
Size without frame: 45 x 66 cm
Glorification Pope Clemens XIII, Carlo Torre de Rezzonico
Josephus Adam von Mölckh 1714 - 1794
Ascent into heaven Friedrich Wilhelm III
signed and dated by Friedrich Rantz 1842
Tendance of St. Sebastian
Oilstudy on Wood, probably toward Bartolomeo Schedoni ca. 1600
Collection of Clemens of Bavaria
Oil study by Heinrich von Zügel
8,5 x 13 cm
Max Liebermann (1847-1935)
Oil sketch to the painting "Netzflickerinnen"
Oil on cardboard 15,5 x 35 cm
3 painted tapestry probably France
End of the 18th cent. 208 x 327 cm
212 x 358 cm
210 x 250 cm